Report: 01-03-2014 – Mens 3rd’s (0) vs. (5) Hull University 2nd’s

Slazenger Mens 3’s latest match away against top of the table Hull University looked a tough proposition on paper and so it proved to be. Slazengers started well and worked hard looking to deny the opposition time and space on the ball. It was unfortunate that the Horbury side conceded against the run of play and never really recovered from this set back. Despite a lot of effort on hot afternoon Slazengers continued to concede unfortunate goals and went into the half-time interval 3-0 down.

It was good when Luke Gueli managed to pull a goal back with a well taken shot early in the second half. But the away team began to leave some gaps at the back in an effort to get back into the match and were hit a couple of more times on the break. But for a man of the match performance from goalkeeper Darren Buttery the final score of 5-1 could have been a lot worse.