Report: 25-02-2012 – Mens 3rd’s (10) vs. (0) Hull University 3rd’s

After their close defeat away to Hull University before christmas, the team were looking for a big win to put their promotion efforts back on track. with the squad back to full strength, this was duly delivered with a 10-0 victory over the visitors.

Slazenger had not played a league match for a month, so were a little jittery in the first 5 minutes. However, they quickly settled in and returned to their quick passing style of hockey. It wasnt long before the home team were camped in the opposition half, with defence and keeper under pressure. Under this pressure, it was short order before the first goal went in, with hat-trick hero and man of the match Andrew “Roo” Birkett taking the honours.

With the relief of the first goal, Slaz continued to develop their advantage. Some solid work from the midfielders Andy Fisher and Luke Gueli supplied both wingers and forwards with fast passes.

Continued pressure from Slaz gave away a penalty corner, which was expertly dispatched from the top of the circle by Paul Johnson, putting the team in a strong 2-0 lead.

The team continued to press; flowing passing and fast darting attacks kept the team on the front foot. Three more goals came in the first half; 2 from Steve Johnson, and 1 from Ian Hedges; Slaz 5-0 up.

After the break, the team enjoyed the same advantages as before. With continued pressure, Hull had little in response. Mark Kitchen and Nathan Crowther mopped up and attacks and keeper Ralph Toon having dispatched only a single save.

Slaz scored 5 more; winger Alan Perry picking up 1, Alexander Calderly making a textbook strike into the roof of the net, Ian Hedges picking up a second, and Andy Birkett taking 2 more for his hat trick.

This result keeps Slaz in contention, with a third of the matches left to play.

Scorers: Alan Perry (1), Alexander Calderly (1), Paul Johnson (1), Steve Johnson (2), Ian Hedges (2), Andy Birkett (3)