Report: 21-11-2015 – Mens 4th’s (5) vs. (1) Sheffield Hallam 8th’s

2015-11-21 - M4 - Harry_Gunning

Slaz finally had a home game and entertained an experienced Sheffield Hallam side. With captain Danny Croxall sidelined due to injury and acting as coach, the slaz side had a higher amount of experience this week. The first half was very entertaining for spectators as the game was end to end. However no goals were scored in the first half.

The 2nd half started well for slaz as centre midfielder Geoff Birkett took control of the game. Slaz had a range of goals with two penalty flicks from Harry Gunning, a goal from a short corner from Sam Haigh and a breakaway goal from star striker Steve “Seasick” Johnson. This gave Slaz a confirmed victory but Hallam had a consolation goal to deny Dan Alderson a deserved clean sheet.

Next week Slaz have a double weekend away to Hull on Saturday and at home to Lindum on Sunday at 12.30.