Report: 02-03-2014 – Boys U10’s Tournament

Slazenger Under 10s Boys Hockey at Weetwood 02.03.14

Slazengers v Ben Rhydding 0-3
BR set off with an early lead with an impressive fast and direct shot at the goal. This unfortunately set the scene for the remainder of the game with Slazenger on permanent defence. Slazenger struggled to make any breaks through with the team looking a little disjointed. Another couple of goals sealed Slazenger’s fate and they lost the game 0-3.

Slazenger v Harrogate 0-1
This game saw Slazenger start the game on the attack with Will Gascoigne just missing out on an early goal but again, it wasn’t too long before Slazenger found themselves defending. Alex Stacey  deflected an incoming goal and Will Gascoigne fought hard to keep possession. Josh was able to stop a shot at goal from a Harrogate short corner but in the end, Harrogate came away winners with the only goal of the match.

Slazenger v Huddersfield 1-0
Again, Slazenger were lacking the sparkle that had seen them through the last tournament but were working together more as a team. Will finally broke through and set up the goal for Alex Stacey to take Slazenger into the lead. More passing may have seen an improved goal count but Slazenger were happy to take their first victory of the day.

Slazenger v York 0-3
Both teams were assured of staying in league 1, so the pressure was off for Slazenger. A great pass from the centre line to Charlie Blande  who was waiting in the D gave Slazenger their first opportunity to score. The shot was just wide as play immediately swung to York’s advantage. A quick turnaround saw goaley Niran Tejura unsupported in the D and York were not going to miss the chance to score. Niran made several more saves but in the end York came through as clear winners with three goals. Although they lost, this had been Slazenger’s best game of the day.
Charlie Blande picked up player of the tournament.