Report: 30-11-2013 – Mens 1st’s (8) vs. (3) Doncaster 3rd’s

Slaz had a different side out that struggled to get its positioning sorted, but battled for possession and played some good hockey getting the ball quickly moving around.

It wasn’t until midway through the first half that midfielder Will Buckley opened the scoring with a drive into the D and taking a reverse stick shot into the far corner of the goal. More followed from Richard Tuddernham who got 2 goals from short corner routines. Doncaster kept the pressure on and got one back but they shower weakness in the second half and slaz kept on breaking against Doncaster with further goals from Edward Richardson who got 2 goals, one of which he had to fight off the Slaz centre forward to put in the net. Isaac Fisher, Aiden Hopkinson and Dan Perry all had a great game and got one goal each making the final score 8-3.