Report: 15-01-2011 – Ladies 3rd’s (3) vs. (6) Horsforth 1st’s

Slazenger Ladies 3rd’s hockey team played away at Horsforth , this was the first game of the year, in fact the first game in over 8 weeks & it showed. Slazengers made very hard work of the first half and Horsforth capitalized on this. Horsforth moved the wall well & attacked in numbers, Slazengers found themselves 3 – 0 down in the first 25 mins.In true Slazenger form, the team worked hard & with a superb solo effort from Chelsea Armitage, Slazengers made it onto the score sheet. Horsforth then scored again on the break & with the score a t 4-1 the half time whistle came which allowed for that much needed team talk from captain Julie Finch.

The second half saw a much improved team, the midfield duo of man of the match player Beccy Stafford & Julie Bacon distributed the ball well. Slazengers utilised the full width of the pitch with Heather Bates & Sally Thornton linking up well down the left side. It wasn’t long before all of the attacking play paid off. Slazengers were awarded a short which after the initial clearance Beccy Stafford put it away to bring the scoreline to 4-2.

Lauren Fealy was tested repeatedly in defence & remained strong, linking up well with Millie Crowther & Zoe Bacon. Slazengers needed to push for another goal which unfortunately allowed Horsforth to catch the team on the break & despite the best efforts of goalkeeper Chloe Bates, Horsforth scored another.

Slazengers certainly did not give up & after a couple of near misses Gemma Whittam stepped up for a fantastic reverse stick shot into the net. With the score at 5-3 and only five minutes left on the clock both teams were pushing hard for the next goal . The chance came to Horsforth, they managed to play a good ball around the keeper & an despite an attempt by defender Karen Bates of a goal line clearance , it was not to be & Horsforth scored the final goal of the game.

Final score was 6-3 to Horsforth.

Match played at Horsforth Hockey Club on 15th January 2011