Report: 01-02-2002 – Mens 3rd’s (4) vs. (3) Adel 4th’s

Slazenger Thirds raced into an early three goal lead at Adel Fourths but only just pipped their opponents 4-3.

The visitors made the fatal mistake of ‘taking their foot off the gas’ and nearly lost the match.

In the first half Slazenger completely bossed the midfield pinning Adel back in their own D for long periods.

Goals came at regular intervals from Andy Birkett, Jonathan Clewlow and Eddie Richardson but the proverbial ‘game of two halves’ saw Adel hit back after the break, scoring two goals and pulling themselves right back int o the contest.

Slazenger broke away and scored what proved to be a crucial goal through man of the match Jonathan Clewlow, but then conceeded a third Adel goal.

The visitors had to endure an anxious final ten minutes and were indebted to cool defending from Eddie Taylor that secured them in valuable three points in the battle against relegation.

This Saturday, Slazenger Thirds entertain Leeds University, 12pm start.