Report: 11-03-2000 – Mens 5th’s (4) vs (1) Chapeltown 4th’s

Slazenger fifths are celebrating after clinching promotion under the captaincy of Jim Heller of Yorkshire Division 9 – for the first time in their history.

They confidently beat Chapeltown 4th’s 4-1 with their purposeful passing always too much for the visitors.

Midfield maestro Hadyn Foster pulled the strings throughout for Slazenger.

Slazenger’s goals came from Ian Gordon (2), Gavin Kay and Foster.

Man of the match was Heller, who was in magnificent form between the posts.

The successful squad members were: Robin Barron, Ray Graham, Ron Halliwell, Duncan Lock, Keith Hellem, Anwar, Simon Hurley, Haydn Foster, PAt Rivers, Simon Hudson, Paul Whitham, RichardBaker, Richard O’Shea, Jonathan Clewlow, Gavin Kay, Neil Hutchins, John Sykes, Mark Gibbs, Simon Randall, Eddie Richardson, Simon Parker, Simon Taylor – with special thanks going to umpire Gordon Glazebrook.