Face Masks for Club Players

2012_grays_hockey_face_maskFace masks are increasingly being used in hockey for short corners, to protect all 4 defenders. It was recently decided by the Yorkshire Youth League that it will be mandatory for Under 14 and Under 16 teams to wear face masks to defend short corners. Based on recommendations from England Hockey, Slazenger HC have also arranged face masks for U10 and U12 teams. Further it was agreed by the club that these face masks will also be used by the Mens development team.

For senior players, it is individual preference whether players wear a mask. However, the club have arranged to place an order with a local supplier at a discount rate (£30). This is open to any player who wishes to purchase a face mask.

If you wish to try a mask, samples will be available Saturday and Sunday and at training sessions next week.

An order will be placed on Monday 1st November. Please provide payment to your captain, or Ian Hedges before this date, for your order to be included.