Report: 14-12-2013 – Mens 3rd’s (3) vs. (5) Lincoln 2nd’s

Slazenger 3’s last game of 2013 saw them play a Lincoln Roses team lying second in the league and it was soon apparent to the Horbury side why they are so high in the table. The opposition were very quick and skillful on the counter attack. They were naturally full of confidence and played with great freedom. Slazengers looked sluggish in comparison and were slow to get going.

The home side were lucky not to conceded very early in the game as Lincoln tore through the opposition several times. That said the better chances did fall to Slazengers as the half progressed but the Lincoln keeper proved up to the task. Just as the Horbury side looked like they were getting to grips with the situation they conceded 2 late goals to go into the interval behind.

Second half Slazengers responded, people began to take responsibility and got their due rewards when Man of the Match Luke Gueli deflected a direct strike into the goalmouth past the keeper.

It was game on when continued pressure yielded a further goal to midfielder Jack Mumford from close rang. This was now the crucial period of the game, it was evenly matched and Lincoln for the first time during the afternoon could not be sure of the victory. So it was particularly frustrating when the opposition were gifted a soft goal after some poor team defending.

Slazenger heads did not drop and they immediately looked to level the game once again. In an increasingly open game Luke Gueli deftly brought his side back into the match with another deflected goal.

However, Slazengers failed to consolidate as previously and allowed the opposition to put their noses in front once again. It was unfortunate that the Horbury side conceded a further goal very late in the match whilst going all out for the draw. Final score 5-3 to Lincoln.