Report: 02-03-2013 – Men’s 4ths (3) vs. (3) Wakefield 6th’s

Slaz 4th’s went to Wakefield with a very young team and came away with a share of the points. The visitors got off to a good start and took the lead through Daz Buttery. Wakefield levelled through a keeper blunder, the ball deflecting off captain Giles Field’s pads for an own-goal.

Lee Secker put slaz back in front, and Buttery scored his 2nd to put the team well ahead.

Wakefield kept battling and pulled 2 goals, leaving resulting in a 3-3 score at the close. Youngster Harry Gunning made a great first appearance in his step up to the 4th team, but man of the match went to James Higgins who continues to impress in centre defence.