Report: 02-02-2013 – Mens 1st’s (4) vs. (1) Kingston-Upon-Hull 2nd’s

Slaz won the push and started with a spring in their step, moving the ball round well, shifting across the pitch and moving hull around. Neither side we able to get an early goal but both created good chances.
Keeper James Cowden had a great game and did well to keep several good shots out of the goal. Slaz got the break with a great solo goal effort from Dan Perry.
Hull came back and got one to level the score within 10 min and they pilled on the pressure. They looked like their league position was going to take the game, but the slaz defence held them off well.
Slaz got the 3rd goal of the game catching the hull side off guard on the break from Jack Mumford. From then jack got another soon after and Isaac slotted in the 4th for a 4-1 win. Dan Perry got man of match but the game was a great team performance and was their best of the season