Report: 26-03-2011 – Mens 3rd’s (1) vs (4) Leeds 7th’s

A weakened Slazenger 3rd team struggled against visitors Leeds, starting slowly and never really picking up the pace during the first half.

Their cause wasn’t helped when Steve Johnson had to leave the field, injured by one of his own team mates. Despite a lot of effort, the home team could not get hold off the ball and consequently failed to have any decent possession.

The home side were lucky to be only 1-0 down at half-time. The second half started a little better, with debutant and man of the match Rowan Tejura, showing his more experienced colleagues how to play. Slazengers started to string some passes together and enjoyed the better possession for a while.

It was during this period that Lee Secker equalised with a well taken reverese hit into the bottom corner. However, the good work was undone when Leeds equalised within a couple of minutes. Once again Slazengers were on the back foot and conceded another couple of goals before the end of the game. Final score 4-1 to the visitors.

From Andy Fisher; Match played at Slazenger Hockey Club on 26th March 2011