Report: 20-11-2010 – Mens 4th’s (0) vs. (3) Doncaster Dev.

Slazengers Development Squad played a hard fought game against 2nd in the league Doncaster, ultimately loosing 3-0 to the visitors. However the team aquited themselves admirably against a strong oppoosition. As with York, Doncaster had stayed within the letter of the rules, though again it is debatable whether the spirit of the league was fully observed. Their strategy pivoted around a single highly skilled adult midfielder who spent the game outmanouvering the younger Slazenger players, and setting up younger members of the Doncaster squad to try and score. This had been devastating in the last encounter with Slazenger going down 8-0 away, though it was not going to be the case this time around.

Slazenger played a strong game, distributing the ball quickly, moving it through to Isaac Fisher, Robert Cann and Matthew Smith; strikers in the making. In the first half, the match was well balanced, with several great opportunities for the home side. Unfortunately a strong back line and goalie denied all efforts. In return however, when Doncaster broke, they broke hard. The ball was distributed to the centre, with Slazenger having to take on Doncaster’s playmaker. The ball was moved through Slazenger’s midfield, finding the wingers who gave Rowan Tejura and Nathan Crowther plenty of work to deal with. Doncaster maintained the pressure, and Slazenger eventually conceeded off a short corner. By the end of the first half, Slazenger was down by 3.

The second half saw Slazenger apply far greater pressure, and look to be taking control. The midfield stood stronger, and co-ordinated to incapacitate the playmaker, cutting off the oppositions supply to the front line. In the end, even with the great pressure applied by Slazenger, they were unable to convert. Ian Gordon went close, and Isaac Fisher’s shot went wide of the post. Finally, special mention should go to Paresh Tejura, who’s level of enthusiasm was only matched by his clumsy destruction.

With a tough series of four encounters with the leagues top two teams out of the way, Slazenger will look to an easier fixture list to put their new skills to practice.