IMPORTANT: Boys West Yorkshire Academy Assesment

WYHDG needs your help.

The WYHDG wishes  to invite the players listed below  to attend the Junior Academy Centre (JAC) Assessment Days appropriate to the player’s  birthdate. However the JDC Groups did not keep as good records as had been expected, many players did not complete the Registration Forms, and those Forms that were competed have not been returned to our Administrator Morag Wilkinson.

All players below ARE INVITED TO ATTEND the JAC Assessment Days. The JRPC Players have been contacted by email but I have already had a number returned as “undelivered” so assume that all need to be contacted.

JAC Assessment Days for the Boys will take place at:

Leeds University Playing Fields, Weetwood, Leeds.LS16 5AU
U14/13 players on 10th January  10.00am – 1.00pm
U15/16 players on 31st January 10.00am – 1.00pm
U17       players on 31st January 1.00pm – 4.00pm

Age for  JAC purposes players are U13(Born in 1997): U14(1996): U15(1995); U16(1994); U17(1993).

When the JRPC sessions start the players move on a year to ….  U15(born in 1996);  U16(1995); U17(1994); U18(1993). In other words an U14 at JAC becomes an U15 at JRPC.

The JAC Assessment Group will include the JRPC players plus the players who attended, and been selected, from the JDC Tournament that have just been completed.

These Assessment sessions are the opportunity for JDC players, players who have not gained recognition previously to be recognised and make the step to a higher level. It could mean that previous JRPC players do not remain at JAC and will need to prove their abilities next year, and JDC players make that step into higher level hockey. A group of players will selected at the Assessment Day to form a Squad of perhaps around 20 players to lead up to the JAC Championships.

Players who take part and are selected for teams in the North JAC Championships will be further selected/invited  from the Competition to join the start of the JRPC programme in June 2010. In our case to the Leeds Pumas JRPC.

The JAC Championships are planned for Sundays 28th March, 25th April and 2nd May, at venues to be confirmed. The U17 team who are North Champions will take part in the National Finals on 8th/9th May.

JAC development Days are currently Sundays 28th Feb; 14th March; 21st March for all age groups though these dates may change and be added to  as a result of Coach, Pitch and Player availability.

Please are asked to confirm they have received this message and indicate whether they will or will not be attending the Assessment Day.

Please reply to

Non participation without a valid reason will indicate that they do not wish to take part in the JAC programme and in turn not wish participate in the JRPC programme that starts in June 2010.

JRPC Players invited:


JDC Players for JAC Assessment.
Coaches & Players may feel that after the JDC Tournamnet/Assessment that JAC Level competition is beyond them at this stage so non participation will be understood in these circumstances. We do not expect players who have not attended the JDCs to join up now.

Tejura Rowan;
Nicholas Calderley;
Ralph Toon GK;
Luke Gueli;
Aidan Hopkinson;
Matthew Smith;
Issac Fisher;
Robert Fraser;
Matthew Feather;
Robert Cann;
Joseph  Shaw;
Tim Wrigglesworth;
Timothy Hunter;
Robin Brearton;
Peter Bottomley;
Tom Stephenson GK;
Jake Barras;
Daniel Perry;
Tom Stoddard;
Matt Middleton;  

Phil Thomas.
Chair WYHDG.