Report: 03-12-2006 – Boys U10 Tournament

Slazenger fielded a strong team for the third of six U10 boys tournaments at Huntington School, York.

James Bennett opened the scoring in the first game with Chapeltown, Jenson Brook getting a touch and giving them a 2-0 victory.

Facing an inexperienced Airedale, Slazenger went ahead inside the first minute through James Bennett, who added another three goals in their 9-0 triumph. Tom Logan getting a hat-trick with Jenson Brook adding the remaining brace.

Ralph Toon and Freddie Main excelled as Slazenger shared the spoils in a tough goalless draw with Leeds and the score sheet was also blank in the match with close rivals Wakefield.

A goal down in the final match against Halifax, Slazenger came back to draw 1-1 with and Isaac Fisher strike.

Slazenger hope the string of results is sufficient to move them up a league for the next tournament.